About Tmoha

TMOHA was brought up on the idea that “ANTIQUES” resembles a different level of standard.

For us “VINTAGE” is something that never turns old because of its art and material quality.

So, we’re obsessed with awesome things that make us feel good. We explore vintage sales, craft sales, fine handicrafts and more to find products worthy of our TMOHA family. We love our business and production unit that are INDIA-made, classy, attractive, re-purposed, or vintage. As we grow, we are working towards having our entire collection to fill up our Antiques standard. We know that with your help in supporting business, new designers, artisans, and craftspeople it will result in collective success.

We want you to feel great about the products you purchase, the quality, and the art work. At our core is the exploration of how it is made, the people behind the product, and its uniqueness. The story is what sells us – and we encourage you to think more about “the story” behind what you’re purchasing even outside of TMOHA.

The people behind TMOHA…

With over 30 years in the business, our business family decided it was finally time to make an impact while pursuing this passion for antiques and decor things. With an eye for design and a passion for supporting business – We are obsessed with “the story” behind each product and “putting it all together.” We provide support in managing aspects of the business, including the hunt for cool things with character.

About the name…

No one ever said that naming a business is an easy feat. With many months, pre-mature domain name purchases, and endless brainstorms – landing on “TMOHA” – was a completely accident. As “TMOHA” stands for The Museum of Historical Antiques gives its touch on all the items designed and crafted by the specialized production unit.

TMOHA – the unique experience of the Vintage design and beauty character behind every story of purchasing relation with us.

  • Tmoha is a trusted brand from the house of antique replica that has been crafting trust and relationship with its clients in India and overseas SINCE 30+ YEARS.
  • We serve as a curator of the finest historical designs the world saw with time. Our collections of timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions of antique replica provide an unmatched combination of inspired design, high quality and unparalleled value.
  • Each season brings a wealth of new ideas culled from our exclusive partnerships with highly experienced artisans and their avant-garde work of art, allowing us to showcase their unique products, passion and vision.
  • Hope to serve you with trust, satisfaction and a memorable experience of dealing with us.

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Only about 25% of the goods available in our store are shown on our website. if you don't see the exact item you want on this site, call the store, we may have it in stock, or know how to get it.

Your CORK be loose.

Your RUM be spiced

And your COMPASS be true – Maritime Blessing

May your ANCHOR be tight.

Posted By :- The Team of Tmoha.